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We are dedicated to helping the economic development profession master place branding as a strategic choice for improving local community prosperity. Ed Burghard created the Strengthening Brand America Project as an educational platform dedicated to advancing a “hands-on” understanding of the craft.

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Simply Money™ is a professional team dedicated to providing you with planning, investing and insurance guidance so managing your money can be simple and to the point.

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Xavier University's Williams College of Business is ranked as one of the nation's best and most entrepreneurial business schools with a top 25 MBA program.

The College educates students of business, enabling them to improve organizations and society, consistent with the Jesuit tradition.

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Eye-Opening Results

"45% of all respondents say they would pay more for services like fast food if it meant the workers were paid more than minimum wage. These responses closely matched the reported political ideology where less than 30% of conservatives and 60% of liberals said they would pay more for these services if it meant better wages for workers."

"Over half of millennials report they would work more hours at their current primary job if given the opportunity"

"We use survey-reported factors to predict monthly retail sales, consumer sentiment, GDP, housing sales, discretionary income and spending." 

"As expected, credit card debt is the highest source of debt for most respondents outside of a mortgage.  This is even the case for millennials--23% of whom say student loans are their largest source of debt and 46% say credit cards are their largest source of debt."

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