Amit Sen, Ph.D

    "We, at Xavier University, have spent over two years to identify and measure the underlying dimensions of the American Dream. Our path-breaking research will reveal the trajectory of the economic, societal, political, and cultural landscapes as we move forward."

Amit Sen is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Williams College of Business at Xavier University. Amit holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Statistics from North Carolina State University.

Amit's primary research focus is in time series analysis and applied econometrics. His research has been published in several journals including: Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Empirical Economics, Econometrics Journal, Journal of Times Series Analysis, Applied Economics, Statistics and Probability Letters, Public Choice, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letters, Applied Mathematical Sciences, and Economics Bulletin.

Greg Smith, Ph.D Information Systems

Gregory Smith, Ph.D
Information Systems

    "The ADCI is the first and only quantitative measure of the American Dream. It will serve as a barometer for the hopes and aspirations of Americans and provide a benchmark for conversations involving the Dream."

Gregory Smith is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems in the Williams College of Business at Xavier University. Greg holds a Ph.D. in Business Information Technology from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a Master’s degree in Actuarial Science from Ball State University.

A former benefits consultant and database manager with nearly a decade of experience, he now focuses on researching issues related to data mining, business intelligence, and information security management.

His research has been published in numerous journals including: International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Business Intelligence Research, Advances in Business and Management Forecasting, Issues in Information Systems, and Contemporary Issues in Data Mining.


Joel Asay
Information Systems

    "The ADCI captures perspectives on multiple aspects of American sentiment. It is thus uniquely qualified to predict trends in the domestic economy and it will continue to be a bellwether for the country's economic successes and failures."

Joel Asay is an Econometrician for the American Dream Composite Index and Visiting Professor at Xavier University. He holds an MBA in Business Intelligence from Xavier University and a B.S in Economics from Brigham Young University.

With his experience in predictive modeling, Joel employs ADCI data to predict trends in the global economic environment. His work on the ADCI has been featured on CNBC and used by partner organizations to improve decision making strategies. His other research interests include combining geospatial tools with hedonic demand theory, behavioral economic perspectives on the Affordable Care Act and adapting business intelligence strategies to better serve the millennial generation.

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Eye-Opening Results

"45% of all respondents say they would pay more for services like fast food if it meant the workers were paid more than minimum wage. These responses closely matched the reported political ideology where less than 30% of conservatives and 60% of liberals said they would pay more for these services if it meant better wages for workers."

"Over half of millennials report they would work more hours at their current primary job if given the opportunity"

"We use survey-reported factors to predict monthly retail sales, consumer sentiment, GDP, housing sales, discretionary income and spending." 

"As expected, credit card debt is the highest source of debt for most respondents outside of a mortgage.  This is even the case for millennials--23% of whom say student loans are their largest source of debt and 46% say credit cards are their largest source of debt."

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