Workplace Dissatisfaction

With all the talk the past few months about jobs and employment, I thought it might be interesting to view some recent perspectives on the matter from the ADCI data. In October we saw the steepest decline in job satisfaction indicators ever observed in the ADCI. More specifically, respondents reported that they were less satisfied with their current financial compensation, health benefits and quality of life at work than we have seen at any other point in the past 12 months. Something also interesting to note is people report that they are not in jobs of their own choosing.
This type of decline is typical during the holiday season as seasonal employment increases and people take jobs they otherwise wouldn’t. With that said however, we have never before seen such a strong decrease in these areas as we have observed in October 2015. In the past, decreasing job satisfaction has contributed to increased employee turnover and declining quality of life in other aspects of an individuals life like leisure and family. This will be an interesting trend to keep an eye on in the months to come.