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Workplace Dissatisfaction

With all the talk the past few months about jobs and employment, I thought it might be interesting to view some recent perspectives on the matter from the ADCI data. In October we saw the steepest decline in job satisfaction indicators ever observed in the ADCI. More specifically, respondents reported that they were less satisfied…

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Gasoline Prices and The Savings Rate

In the past few weeks, we’ve coined the term ‘a happy accident’ to explain why gas prices have declined so much, while retail sales have been flat, and the savings rate has appreciated.  As it turns out, the opposite is true when gas prices see a large jump upwards.  In March, gasoline prices appreciated by…

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The Rough World of Renting

Housing sentiment continues to be polarizing between renters and home owners. While renters continue to report less satisfaction with their living situation, many affluent renters have observed increases in their desire for home ownership. This is favorable for home sales, especially in the first-time homebuyer segment which has lagged the rest of the market in…

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